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Food Labs

What is a foodlab? …and why food is about much more than simply what we eat

“Food as a media”, a strategy to activate change and make a positive impact How the Foodlab, now a growing business in Volumes’ ecosystem, started with an unplanned crowdfunding campaign and is becoming a key topic of research and exploration at the crossroad of disciplines.   Foodlab: the first culinary

Third Places

Laboratories of the unexpected

Can we make more creative, resilient and inclusive cities “just” by planning and designing less? Can serendipity be designed? Not really, but… We’ve been invited to travel to Copenhagen and report about our international practice of building more creative and resilient cities. It turned out to be a good opportunity

Third Places

It speaks VOLUMES | What is a Hub?

The search for words of alternative economies in the making Why “It speaks VOLUMES”? Have you ever heard things like social innovation, circular economy, sustainable food, and digital fabrication and stopped to ask yourself what do they mean, in practice? The idea of the podcast It speaks VOLUMES comes from

Can We Help You?

In 2014, when we started, the first thing we did was breaking the walls of our first venue in Paris, to create more fluidity and multiply connections.
We would be glad to help your organization to do the same.